Dr Fritz Heckler has a simple message:

You are ultimatley responsible for your own life and outcomes!

Although many people offer reasons for their apparent failure
Dr Fritz believes that it is:

Time to Stop Making Excuses and Start Performing!

Scientifically trained and proficient as a lecturer in any university hall it was only when Dr Fritz was asked to speak at the Deutsch-Kanadischer Business Club in Salzburg that his talent for addressing and moving non-academic and business audiences was fully recognized.

He brings a no nonsense, down to earth, no holds barred, gritty practical message to individuals and businesses alike.

Feel free to peruse this site where you will find very good material that can aid in your professional and personal development.

Wenn Sie Deutsch sprechen und verstehen, werden Sie es zu schätzen wissen, dass Dr. Fritz Heckler eigentlich ein Dodger, ein Chart-Sänger und ein Pseudo-Psychologe ist. Aber um eines guten Lachens willen, wie halten wir das nur zwischen uns?